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A MarketPlace for Source Code – What is CoderPlace?

Welcome to our first blog! As starters, we will start with who we are and what do we aim to achieve through this MarketPlace for Source Code.

CoderPlace is an online MarketPlace for Source Code designed with the aim of enabling users to sell or buy mobile apps. We extend our support to themes, plugins and software scripts. As a genuine platform, we assure you about the security and safety of every trade that takes place through us.

What sets us apart is our end to end support services rendered to all our customers. We also provide free updates keeping your system at par with the industry. Qualified developers with top-notch quality products, we pledge to provide services that are best in industry.

What Do We Offer? At MarketPlace for Source Code

Services offered by CoderPlace include various themes, plugins, and apps needed for your business. We are very selective on the products bought or sold via our platform and ensure, security is never compromised.

With all under a single roof, our extensive list of resources includes:

Android Apps & iOS Apps

Whether you are looking for a premium mobile app source code or a game assets, our library houses all. The apps that we sell are passed through the security software ensuring no leaks. Our experts offer extensive support for the installation and usage of such apps. All the apps are designed for personal use and are extensively designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the users. Where developing an app in-house can cost you a ton of money, not to mention the gruesome task of finding a developer and pitching your idea, CoderPlace offers the ease to simply purchase an Android app / iOS app of your choice and get started.


Online stores are the talk of the town. Startup geeks consider the area to be promising and with the potential of tremendous growth. Factually, this is true but only if you put in the right efforts. A basic store would not fetch customers, forget about profits. It is important to decorate the store with the right themes and add to the appearance of the same. CoderPlace is a hub of store themes, each of which has loads of features. We host many themes, users can download and install within their website. We also offer weekly free themes for startup entrepreneurs who aren’t in the mood of spending dollars on site optimization.


After themes, we have plugins as well. When we say, we are the one-stop-shop solution for your business needs, we abide by it. Hosting many plugin, our experts extend a helping hand towards the installation and integration of plugin within the online store. We have a repository of weekly free plugins and also provide paid plugin to our potential customers. While there are plenty of other sites that offer the same, we segment plugins based on category and provide only the legitimate ones. For us, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and as a result we offers to the secured plugins only, for instance.


As stated above, experts at CoderPlace try to minimize the work of our users. Whether you are running a WooCommerce store or a WordPress website, Open Cart or Shopify, we have products for all. We also provide business-specific plugins and themes for BigCommerce and PrestaShop website.

Once, you are here you will never have to look back and search for something else. Our trained consultants would guide you throughout the journey, offering end to end support and management services. We are a multipurpose company, with the prime purpose of serving our users with the best quality products and themes.

Why Choose Us?

It’s true, that we are new in this domain and also there are many who pledge to provide similar services. Yet, we stand out in terms of proposals, products, and services. We are not here to simply sell or provide a platform that enables one.

At CoderPlace, every professionals are earnest and dedicated to achieving the satisfaction of our users.

24/7 Availability

We have our experts working throughout the day. Irrespective of the day, date and time, you will always have the customer support desk live and active. Every query is heard and every issue is addressed to improve the services.

Regular Updates

Buying an app, theme or plugin isn’t the end of the journey. In fact, it is a mere start and there is a lot to be done. What’s most important is analysing them for software updates and releasing one as soon as it arrives. Now, you might not have the time and may skip an update. This is fatal considering the rising cyber threats but Don’t worry, our experts work tirelessly to keep an eye on all software and corresponding updates.


With us, you will never have to have a second thought on the quality because All the products are tested and verified for their quality, security, and regulatory compliance. We are very sure about the same and can guarantee efficiency.

A Single Place For All

Imagine surfing the web to locate a theme, then a plugin and then maybe an app. That’s enervating, right? No more do you need to wander around. Simply visit the CoderPlace and get all under a single roof. We have merged all the necessary stuff so that you don’t have to switch between marketplaces to find all.

Value For Money

Along with quality, we also provide assurance on your pricing terms. None of the products are over-priced. In fact, each of them is nominally rated and within your budget.

So, what do you think?

CoderPlace is not just a MarketPlace for Mobile App Source Code but it’s marketplace for all digital assets including themes, plugins, scripts and more and we aim to bridge the gap between you and the right product. This blog will focus mainly on the different products and places where you can buy them. Also, it is not just a place to provide information but a one to one platform where all of your comments would be appreciated. Feel free to drop a text and fire a conversation.

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