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  • Theaterify – Movie Apps Flutter

    by erhacorpdotcom

     in Android Apps

    1. Awesome Template Made By Flutter
    2. Movie & TV Show, integrated with API
    3. Lite, smooth and awesome Apps
    4. Work well both of Android and iOS
    5. Trending, Now Playing, Upcoming, Top Rated Movie
    6. Account & Setting Template

  • NewsPocket

    NewsPocket – Feed in your pocket Flutter

    by erhacorpdotcom

     in Android Apps

    NewsPocket feature:
    1. Home, news data about Headline, Weather, Technology, Bussiness, Entertainment and Sport Highllight.
    2. Category, list of options Headline, Health, Entertainment, Sport, Business, Technology, Science, Politics, and General Category, refers to NewsAPI backend system.
    3. Bookmark, list of your bookmark news and also realtime weather forecast based on your location.
    4. Search, you can find all news by any keywords refres to NewsAPI backend system or you can select from the sources such as CNN, ESPN, Fox Sports etc..
    5. Setting, is only template of user profile.
    6. Left Drawer Menu, is only a template of left menu hide/show.

  • HotelPro

    HotelPro – Flutter Template Hotel

    by erhacorpdotcom

     in Android Apps

    1. Splashscreen with Lottie Animation
    2. Login Page/Welcome Page, Apple Login, Google Login, Facebook Login
    3. Home with animation widget, category, handpick hotel list by city etc..
    4. Near Me, all hotel or city around you widget, smooth animation widget
    5. My Post, stories of your trip at the hotel, create post, describe your review etc.
    6. Profile, user management, with Photo Profile, Logout, Update Profile, your favourite and last visited by you.
    7. Amazing Search page, filter, location, nice widget etc..
    8. Category hotel page, smooth, lite, animation and all clickable to detail hotel screen.

  • ChormeDriver

    Whatsapp Bomber Tools

    by anomos111

     in Android Apps

    WhatsApp – Bomber – Tool for automated messaging WhatsApp interactions.
    * Unlimited Bombing
    * Download WhatsApp Status on your contact.
    * Send Unlimited Message only one tap.
    * Send unlimited message any group or friend.

  • Ball Balancer 3D

    by PlariumAssets

     in Android Apps

    ball balancer

  • Cameras Viewer

    by visionsoftwareserbia

     in Android Apps

    – Show jpeg cameras and real videos stream cameras.
    – Show grid of cameras with preview images (all, for country, group, favorites)
    – Share image from camera to any other app tha supports sharing images.

  • Video Downloader

    by a3experts

     in Android Apps

    * Download pictures/videos & Reels Story of Instagram and Repost on all social media
    * Download WhatsApp Status on your contact on single Tap
    * Save videos and pictures in your gallery

35 items

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