Cameras Viewer


Application is webcameras images viewer.
It is designed to be used with widespread jpg cameras (still images with refresh interval)
but can be used with real videos stream if Android VideoView support those streams.

App shows as pager different aspects of cameras (all cameras, groups, countries if supports multiple countries,
timelapse cameras (steeams and images with frequent refresh interval) and favorites)
You can prevew camera image in grid and open for further viewing cameras you want.
You can swipe cameras right and left in selected list, group, countrie, favorites…
You can add/remove camera to favorite for quick access later.
You can share image from camera you are viewing to any app that supports share image.

$120 One-time fee

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Developer License
Under Developer License you are granted a non-exclusive permission to use the item on up to 7 projects.

Extended License
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