Chatbots primarily use artificial intelligence to talk to people and give relevant content or suggestions. They can function based on a set of instructions or use machine learning. A chatbot that works based on rules is usually quite limited. That is designed to respond to fixed commands. So, if a person asks it the wrong thing, the bot will not understand what the question means, and therefore, will not provide an appropriate response. The intelligence of the bot solely depends on how it is programmed.On the other hand, a chatbot that uses machine learning works better because it has an artificial brain. The bot understands not only commands but also language. The user, therefore, does not have to use precise words to get accurate or useful responses. Moreover, the bot learns from interactions it has with users and can deal with similar situations when they arise later. It essentially becomes smarter as it talks to more people.Apart from an AI-based chatbot, there is another type of chatbot that proves useful for marketers. This type of chatbot is more straightforward, even a beginner, can work with it. This bot deals with sending group messages. Brands use it to empower their email marketing and web push strategies. Facebook campaigns allow you to increase outreach, boost sales, and improve customer support. All that made possible in SendPulse without coding skills required. Stay tuned to start your messenger marketing.How to Create a Chatbot with SendPulse


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