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  • NewsPocket

    NewsPocket – Feed in your pocket Flutter

    by erhacorpdotcom

     in Android Apps

    NewsPocket feature:
    1. Home, news data about Headline, Weather, Technology, Bussiness, Entertainment and Sport Highllight.
    2. Category, list of options Headline, Health, Entertainment, Sport, Business, Technology, Science, Politics, and General Category, refers to NewsAPI backend system.
    3. Bookmark, list of your bookmark news and also realtime weather forecast based on your location.
    4. Search, you can find all news by any keywords refres to NewsAPI backend system or you can select from the sources such as CNN, ESPN, Fox Sports etc..
    5. Setting, is only template of user profile.
    6. Left Drawer Menu, is only a template of left menu hide/show.

1 items